Saturday, April 19, 2008

The worse Nursing Home in Penang........

It has been more than a month since I last write. Had been very very very busy. Not because business is GOOD. It is because lately many things happen at home. My grandma was down with diabetics and was admitted to the hospital. Until now she is still there. All this make me feel so bad. She won't be in this stage if all my uncles and aunties are willing to take good care of her. I have suggested to them to take her for routine check-up. But they always tell me it's the job of the son. The old thinking!!!!!!!!. At the same time I feel very angry too. Cos now they still have chance to take care of her. But they are all pushing her here there and everywhere. The 1st nursing home they found her is Terrible!!!! It's called the Intan Home. They advertised that they have their own doctor and nurse. But the doctor can't be there when you need him. The nurse is even worse. Anyone can be a nurse as long as you are under training for 1 month. Only a few days there, we decide to send her back to the hospital. Cos they are suppose to inject her antibiotic twice daily. But they just couldn't do it. They DOCTOR couldn't find the vein on her hand!!!!! Can you imagine that? He can't do it. But other nurses in the hospital have no problem doing it. Another problem is all the man and woman will share a room. They will just change her diaper for her on the bed with everyone around. NO CURTAIN or anything to cover her!!! Can you imagine this? How can they do this to old people? I almost freak out when I know that they never have any hand over. The so call "Nurse" will just go home without waiting for next nurse to come and take over. So in the end the nurse don't know what happen to the old folks before that. Everything there is BAD!!!!!. My advise to people who want to send their love ones to the nursing home, please have a good look at the environment and never send them to "Intan Home". I think this place real bad. If you don't believe what I say, you can pop by to take a look. They have 2 branches. One is in Bayan Baru another one is at Taman Lip Sin ( this is the one my grandma stayed). If possible try out a few days first before you decide. Be sure look around for other option and compare. Ask them all the things you want know and if possible ask for black and white for the things they promised. This is really a nightmare. I hope those who run the nursing home will have more integrity. They should run it with care and love.

Hope the new one will be better if not the best.


♥ Angie said...

Haha ... I'm so happy to read through this passage ! I also having problem with this NURSING HOME .. Is terrible worse and worse nursing home ..
I going to quit out my grandma frm there .. The 1st thing make me angry is I didn't make black and white at the 1st stage ... I very regret about tat .. I agree about what you had writted .. Totally agree !!

inderan said...

I disagree with u people about INTAN HOME it is wan of the best home ever my grandmother nearly going to die and we can take care of her so we send her to INTAN HOME they took care of properly and she live until today DOCTORS said that is a mirical

inderan said...

i give u my email and u email me ur email because i have a bone to pick with u =.=

Lin. H said...

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